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The Best Audit Assistance Program in the Industry

Protection Plus?

It’s the best Audit Assistance program in the industry. Not only do we relieve the tax professional of audit headaches, we also offer up to $2,500 (Excludes: SD, TN, WY, and Puerto Rico) in reimbursement in the event of a legitimate preparer error.

What is Protection Plus?

Protection Plus Audit Assistance offers more services and benefits for both the tax payer and the tax professional than any other audit assistance company. We go beyond IRS audits and include provisions for denied credits, assistance with ITIN rejections and resolutions for taxpayer debts, leins and garnishments.

Do you know what to do if you get a
disturbing letter from the IRS?

Let the professionals at Protection Plus handle your IRS issues to help you get the refund you are due. Protection Plus will handle all correspondence between you and the IRS. You could seek the help independent companies on your own to handle your IRS audit at a rate of $100.00 or more per hour, but why waste time and money when Protection Plus will handle the entire process for one low fee?

Protection Plus is here to help you and walk you through the steps to satisfy requests that the IRS makes in order to
get you your refund.

How To File A Claim?

In order to provide the best audit assistance, we need a copy of the complete tax return and each page of the correspondence received from the IRS. These documents can be sent to our office in one of three ways:

5 Key Areas Where Protection Plus Excels

+ $2,500 For Tax liability

The taxpayer can rest easy knowing that if a legitimate preparer error has been made on their tax return that the liability to the IRS for taxes, penalties and interest will be assumed by Protection Plus up to the first $2,500.

+ Relief of audit headaches

+ Unique coverage

+ Debt Relief

+ Rejected ITIN (W-7) Applications